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Tree service in Oakland County Michigan

Quinlan Tree Service

Serving Oakland County and Surrounding Areas Since 1969

Get on our schedule today, so you trees look beautiful or are removed before the birds and wildlife start building their nests.

Local Tree Service Specialist

We provide our customers with safe tree services, leaving our jobs as clean as if we were never there. 

From tree pruning to tree removalsQuinlan Tree Service is the only call you need to make when it comes to tree care.

One thing that separates us from other tree services, other than our attention to customer satisfaction, is we answer the phone. 

Lisa, our office manager, is here to answer your calls & questions. 

No more leaving a message that never gets returned or days later.  

She keeps us on schedule, what information is important to our customers and a key player in Team Quinlan.

Give us a call 248-363-8500.

Fair pricing, good work, and they go above and beyond your expectations.

Emergency Tree Service

Unexpected storms to a fallen limb. We are here to take care of your emergency tree service needs. 

Trees age, they get disease and may look good on the outside, but a mild storm can bring them or a limb down. Hopefully not damaging or injuring anyone in the process.

Storm Damage Tree Service
Big tree removal

Tree Removal Service

The efficiency we remove and get rid of a tree has come along way. From the training we do, to the equipment we use.  

Team Quinlan is a well oiled machine. The crane to assist in safety and getting that backyard tree out front fast and safe. And our grapple truck to haul off larger chunks of tree limbs and trunk pieces. 

You can rest assure we have the experience and equipment to remove your tree affordably and safely.

Tree Trimming Service

Trees need to be pruned and trimmed from time to time to keep them healthy. A properly trimmed tree also keeps yard maintenance down and chances of limbs fall on valuable property low.

The certified arborists on staff are sure to keep your trees cared for and your property beautiful.

Tree that needs pruned in Milford, Michigan
Quinlan Tree Service Crane Rental

Crane Service

Although we use our crane for our tree removals and services. We offer our crane services to other tree companies and contractors.

Our operators are trained, certified and licensed. If you need a crane, call us, we would be glad to give you a lift. 

Tree Cabling & Bracing

We do more than remove or trim trees. Our tree cabling and bracing service adds years of life to trees prone to splitting or heavy limbs from collapsing from their weight.

Tree cabling is great for those split trunk maple and oak trees. Tree bracing allows trees to grow healthy and safely. 

If you have a tree you think needs cabled or braced, our expert arborists can make the right recommendations and perform the services to help your trees.

Crew was hard working, professional and courteous. When done they made sure to clean up everything and we were very satisfied.

Tree Service Locations

Quinlan Tree Service Service Area Map
Some of the locations we did tree service work at recently.

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