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50+ Years in Tree Care

What started back in 1969 as one man’s dream of owning his piece of the American Dream and providing for his family, has been going strong for 50+ years.

Today, Quinlan Tree Service is owned and operated by Shane Quinlan, son of the founder.

Call it pride in the family name, hard work or dedication, Quinlan Tree Service is still here 50+ years later and growing.

Looking back, at the half century company and one would see it was a combination of the three traits, pride, hard-work and dedication. Plus, great customer service, a talented team of employees, a common goal and “Loving what you do!”

Quinlan Tree Service, as a company loves the tree care services we provide the community and proud of the fact we have been able to do so, for you, Oakland County and surrounding areas, since 1969.

The Tree Care Crew at Quinlan Tree Service


Our employees here at Quinlan are more than workers, they are family. A bond, a sense of trust one must have when doing the dangerous work that tree care is. At Quinlan, the family, the team, the teamwork is what sets us apart as a service provider and a company.

Our Tree Service Mindset

We come prepared to do your tree service as quickly and professionally as possible. From having the right tools, equipment, to training and knowledge. We show up to provide an excellent tree service experience. From initial contact, to the last leaf raked up and hauled away.

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