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The Benefits of Hiring a Tree Service with a Crane.

As a tree service business owner we all want to be as effective and efficient as possible. From our processes to our equipment, we strive to do it quicker, while controlling costs.

We have found the crane (although a big expense) has helped us at Quinlan Tree Service to be just that…more efficient. The added bonus for us arborists is it also makes our jobs safer. After proper training of course.

Using a Crane is Safer for Us Arborists

Arborist know all too well the dangers. You are high up in a tree, with a chainsaw. (Something a homeowner should never do.) The limbs and trunks we remove from trees are heavy. And when they fall, can cause damage or injury.

Did you know we also rent our crane out to other tree services and contractors to make their life easier and safer?

A crane makes tree removal less dangerous.


  1. Less cutting while we are up in the tree. When we are trimming a large limb or removing a large tree, without the crane, we have to rope these larger pieces to the ground. So they have to be manageable to the groundman, there could be property or an obstacle in the landing zone. So an arborist would have to make the pieces smaller, which means more cuts from above. With the crane, we can strap a large limb or trunk and fly it to a safer place to handle it.
  2. Heavy Lifting. After a few jobs, even the younger guys get wore out lifting, lugging and dragging out a big backyard oak tree. With the crane helping us remove the tree, we can reduce the amount of lifting we do. Our entire company couldn’t do in an hour what the crane can in minutes.
  3. Storm Damaged Tree Removal. Think about this scene. Overnight a large Silver Maple splits and half of the tree is resting on the homes roof. There is visible signs of structure damage to the roof. (So no walking on the roof.) The tree’s weight is estimated at 12,000 pounds. Moving it in any way could cause more damage. Without the crane to stabilize the tree, this removal is like performing a surgery, while playing Jenga and holding a chainsaw. Storm damaged trees are removed faster and safer, with less damage to your property.

How the Crane Benefits the Homeowner.

  • The job gets done quicker. With the crane, large and difficult tree removals that would take all day or a couple days, can be done in a fraction of the time. Everyone likes quicker when it comes to projects around the home.
  • Less damage to your property. Using the crane reduces the damage of limbs hitting property or the landscaping. Is saves us tree workers and equipment from going back and forth from front yard to back and back to front making a trails in the lawn. What would you rather have, a plane flying over your home or a tank running through it. Yeah, dramatic way of putting it. Note: Quinlan Tree Service has low impact equipment to reduce landscape damage. We pride ourselves on leaving the site clean.
  • It can reduce the costs. All businesses have a pricing structure and this normally revolves around the time it takes to do a job. By using the crane (more expensive than manpower) we can cut down on man-hours and manpower. Which can keep the costs down.


We hope you can see how hiring a tree service with a crane can help both homeowners and the tree service. We have been in business since 1969, many of those early years was pure man power. But, now that we use the crane, we could never go back.

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Crane Rentals

We also rent our crane with a certified operator to other tree services, construction companies and small businesses in need of some heavy lifting. Rates are $140 per hour.

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